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Upstate Strains Delta-8 Cookies

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Upstate Strains Delta 8 Cookies - 2 Pack - 100mg

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Do you love Chocolate Chip Cookies? Do you Love Delta 8? 

All Upstate Strains Cookies Are Made From SCRATCH, Not Store Bought Recipes. These Will Be The Best Cookies You Have Ever Ate.

Upstate Strains has searched their grandmas secret recipes to retrieve the best of the best. Each cookie is packed with 50mg Delta 8 each, so eat it whole, or divide it up into even portions. 

We Recommend Splitting cookie into (4) Portions, and eating 1 portion and wait for effect to take place. Increase dose if desired. 

More Flavors Coming Soon..

Effects: Much different than vaping or smoking d8 flower, delta 8 gummies and edibles are believed to convert to delta 10 after ingestion. The effect is a nice body buzz that can be light and enjoyable at low doses and rather heavy at higher doses.

What You Get:
1 x Bag Of Upstate Strains Delta 8 Cookies - 2 Pack - 100mg

Butter- Salted
Granulated Sugar
Vanilla Extract
Baking Soda
Baking Powder
Sea Salt
Chocolate chips and Chunks
Peanut Butter Chips - Specific Variety
Ricotta - Specific Variety
Brown Sugar


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Consult your doctor before using. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.  Do not use while operating heavy machinery or driving.  Keep away from children & pets. Use with caution & use responsibly. Must be 21+ to purchase.

WARNING: This product may contain peanut or other nut products. Our facility makes multiple varieties of edibles and exposure may occur. Do not purchase this product if you have a peanut allergy.