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Strain Genie - Cannabis DNA Test Kit

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Strain Genie’s Cannabis DNA Test Kit collects your DNA so we can help you find the right strains of cannabis for your body’s needs. Our algorithm looks at over 400 genetic biomarkers to identify if you are at a genetic predisposition for medical conditions that are particularly ameliorated by the use of specific cannabinoids and terpenes. Our report will provide you with insights that go far beyond telling you which strain to smoke.You’ll also receive insights and warnings that directly affect your cannabis consumption. These insights include how quickly or slowly you metabolism THC and CBD, whether you are predisposed to a cannabis-induced psychosis, experience cannabis dependence, develop lung cancer. Here’s how this works: 1) Order a Cannabis DNA Test Kit right here on 2) Swab your cheek and return the sample to us (free return shipping in the USA!) 3) Optimize your cannabis consumption with personalized Cannabis Health Report (see a sample) discretely via email! 4) Keep learning with regular updates, new personalized product recommendations, and reviews!

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