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Str8 18" Water Bubbler Beaker W/ Ice Catcher - Various Colors - (1 Count)

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Mint Green

Smoke along with your homies with a Str8 18" Water Bubbler Beaker. Handmade with peace, love & good vibes right here. Glassblowers and constructed from Premium-Quality Borosilicate Glass, this scientific glass bong is 14mm diffused downstem, and a 14mm male glass bowl. A simple yet incredible beaker glass water pipe that you can pack with ice and has a diffused downstem perc giving you a gnarly ass hit. The thickness of the glass is 5ml. Splashguard is built-in. It's Beaker, and it's used to catch ice.

• Height of the Bubbler beaker is 18"
• Ice Catcher (Ice Pinch)
• 1 Count
• 14mm Male Bowl
• Complete with Downstem
• Ice Catcher Beaker
• 5ml Thick Glass