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Snoop Dogg POUNDS Friendship Hand Glass Red

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Snoop Dogg Pounds has launched some seriously spectacular bongs and bubblers in the past, but when you are out and about, you need a portable smoking device that will fit in your pocket or purse. That is why Snoop Dogg Pounds added some very beautiful compact handheld pieces to their collection and the Friendship Hand Pipe is one of them.
Made from only the highest quality borosilicate glass and just short of 5 inches in length, the Friendship Hand Pipe has been designed to be the ultimate travel companion. The roomy bowl can hold a nice amount of herb and the built-in honeycomb screen prevents ash and debris from traveling into the pipe.
The carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl for more control of your hits. The bottom of the bowl is angled, which enables you to place it on a flat surface without the risk of it tipping over and breaking. The mouthpiece is flattened for a hit that is slightly more dosed, which makes it easier on the lungs and throat.


• Highest Quality Borosilicate Glass
• To be used with legal herbs
• Angled bottom
• Flattened mouthpiece
• Snoop Dogg Pounds fist decal on bowl
• Snoop Dogg signature on the stem
• Pocket-size design
• Roomy bowl
• Built-in honeycomb screen
• Carb hole on the left side of the bowl