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Sesh Supply Hephaestus Dab Rig

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This fantastic Dab Rig with Swing Arm Bucket is named after the Greek God of Fire, "Hephaestus". The swing arm is designed to move in and out of the chamber, which looks like Hephaestusis forging metal with a hammer. Specially made for waxes and oils, this glass dab rig features a kinetic spinning propeller percolator and a downstem, which work in tandem and provide a cooler and more filtered dabbing experience. High-quality borosilicate glass confers sturdiness and durability. The scientific dab rig comes in three colors, blue, pink, and purple. Choose the color that fits you most!


  • Sidecar Neck Mouthpiece
  • Swing Bucket Nail
  • Kinetic Spinning Propeller Perc
  • Decaled Downstem
  • Windmill Propeller Perc
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass