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Reef - CBD Vape Juice - San Onofre - 250mg

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What surfer doesn't get down with a power breakfast before he grabs his board for the beach and who doesn't like fruity cereals with prizes? San Onofre will take you back to breakfast, with all those magical colorful loops in the cereal bowl, except it isn't in your bowl and doesn't require milk, it's in your vape pen and you can have it any time! Reminiscent of our favorite childhood fruity cereal, San Onofre packs a "punch" of flavors with every hit.

Full Description

San Onofre by Reef CBD Vape Juice delivers the nostalgic flavor of your childhood breakfast, featuring a bowl of crunchy fruity cereal filled to the brim with cold creamy milk! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it stands to reason that this should be your go-to wake-and-vape flavor! Feast on a creamy cloud of flavor, stuffed with all the fruity cereal we could find and doused in a stream of farm-fresh cream, waiting to wake up your taste buds to smooth and clean flavor!

Enjoy one of your favorite childhood memories in e-liquid form as you munch on clouds of sweet breakfast cereal and that delicious milk that’s left over at the bottom of the bowl! This e-liquid is also infused with a generous helping of CBD, allowing you to clear your mind and prepare for the daily stress that life likes to throw your way. CBD has also been known to help those with depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and so much more. Free your mind of distractions, sharpen your focus, and dive headfirst in the wonderful breakfast-scented clouds of this e-liquid presents, thanks to San Onofre by Reef CBD Vape Juice!

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of full spectrum hemp extract oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural and/or artificial flavorings.

Suggested Use: Wattage from 20-40 watts, can be used in any vape device

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