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Krypted CBD - CBD Vape Juice - Candy Apple - 250mg-1000mg

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Carnivals are a classic form of American entertainment, providing you with all the bright lights, exciting rides and roaming carnies that your heart can handle, and then some! The carnival would not be what it is today, however, without the existence of the candy apple. If you go to the carnival but don’t buy a candy apple, did you really even go? Krypted CBD’s Candy Apple Vape Juice takes on the flavors of the tasty treat, providing you with all the perks of a carnival trip to enjoy every day of the week. Each bottle of vape juice contains either 250mg, 500mg or 1000mg of broad spectrum CBD, depending on the size of the purchased product. Its CBD content comes from the 99.5% pure hemp isolate located at the heart of the juice, and its flavor comes from a mixture of hemp plant terpenes and natural/artificial flavorings. CBD isolate is both odorless and tasteless, meaning that the flavors present in this vape juice are dictated purely by the terpenes and flavorings. Together, they produce the sweet notes of a ripe apple and the sugary love of caramel coating. This juice can be enjoyed wherever and whenever, adding a slice of sugary goodness to any day. It is designed to provide a smooth pull each and every time, further embracing the nonchalant experience that characterizes a day at the carnival! To use this vape juice, simply add it to the tank of your vapor pen and follow the operational instructions provided by the pen. There is no recommended serving for Krypted CBD’s Candy Apple vape juice, so to find your personal serving size, take one pull from your vapor pen and wait to feel the effects it has on your body. Depending on your body’s reaction to the juice’s CBD content, you can either increase or decrease the amount of juice that you consume in a single serving.

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