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Krypted CBD - CBD Concentrate - Mango Isolate Powder - 1 Gram

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Love the flavor of mangoes but hate how messy the fruit can be? Are you interested in a CBD-infused mango product but worry that the natural hemp taste will be too prominent? Krypted CBD has the perfect product for you! This brand’s Mango Isolate Powder combines the sweet, tart flavor of the mango with 99.5% pure industrial hemp isolate. Each batch of powder comes with 1g of CBD isolate, making it one of the strongest isolate options that you will find on the market. Since the extract is an isolate, it does not carry any scent or flavor whatsoever, allowing for it to be seamlessly combined with added flavors without negatively affecting them. CBD isolate powder is a unique product that offers an experience unlike that of any other CBD product. It can be consumed both as a solid, in its powder form, or as a liquid when combined with a drink or tincture oil. If you are interested in consuming it as a powder, there are a few different ways of going about it. The most direct application of the powder is directly into your mouth. Place a portion of powder under your tongue and let it sit there for approximately 60 seconds. The powder will melt into an oil, at which point you can easily swallow it. For a less direct form of application, you can mix the powder in with the food of your next meal. The powder will easily blend with the food and will give it a nice mango boost! If you are more interested in the powder as a liquid, you can place it in any drink and mix it until it is fully dissolved. A warm liquid will get the job done faster, but any drink works and will benefit from the fruity powder. Once fully dissolved, drink to your heart’s content! Once dissolved, this product can also be vaporized and consumed in that way! Krypted CBD’s isolate powder also comes in flavors of OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Sunset Watermelon and White Peach.

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