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Hempzilla - CBD Vape - Watermelon Ice - 150mg-600mg

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Who doesn’t love watermelon? It’s natural, rejuvenating, and it cools you down on hot summer days. That said, don’t think that Hempzilla’s new watermelon ice-flavored CBD vape is strictly for seasonal use – this is a product that you can enjoy year-round! Hempzilla is known for the quality of their vape products, but the watermelon ice flavor is a true treat, with an in-house cannabidiol blend lab-tested to meet customer satisfaction.

Vaping is easy on your lungs and can be used in accordance with the consumer’s needs, making this a product with built-in utility as well as a formidable quotient of healthy ingredients. This product contains no nicotine and is entirely non-psychoactive, in addition to being grown and manufactured in the United States. Shake well before using, keep it out of the heat, and enjoy!

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