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Hempzilla - CBD Concentrate - CBD Wax - 1000mg

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Looking for an extract or concentrate with no psychoactive properties? Do you prefer to ingest CBD via a vape or dab rig? If so, try Hempzilla’s brand new, naturally occurring, totally legal CBD Concentrate/Wax, with over 1000mg of pure CBD strength per gram. Simply load up your vape or dab rig of choice and enjoy responsibly! With this particular method of ingesting CBD, a little goes a long way – which means that a.) you won’t use more CBD product than you need to and b.) you can make your concentrate last. This product is rich in pesticide-free hemp oil extract and terpenes, and is the perfect way to give yourself a break throughout the day when you need it. For optimum use, keep out of the sunlight/heat. Compatible with any and all dab rigs and most vape devices.

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