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Dough Royal Edition Rolex Delta 8 Disposable Vape 1000mg

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Dough Royal Edition Delta 8 Disposable – Rolex OG

The Dough Delta 8 brand is a global industry leader in delta 8 product innovation. They pride themselves on setting the bar for quality standards and are committed to raising that bar, one satisfied customer at a time.

The Dough Royal Edition Delta 8 Disposable vape is sure to please with 1000mg of their newly refined, potent Delta 8 formula.  This Hybrid Strain known as Rolex OG is a perfect balance that is great for getting ready for any creative venture. The Dough Royal Edition was made to compliment the release of the Dough Supreme D8 Disposable. Try them all and find your favorite today!

The battery Dough chose for the release of their Supreme and Royal Edition lines is more reliable than any previous model and can be recharged using a micro USB cable. Now you can enjoy all of this premium Delta 8 liquid without worrying about stubborn clogs or leakage!