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12" Strawberry Straight Tube Percolator Water Bubbler (1 Count)

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How rare to see a straight tube glass bong that has a strawberry-shaped percolator as its hardcore? A straight tube water pipe is a safe choice but a classic one, it could always provide a quick filtration without any drags. You can watch the smoke fill up the strawberry percolator and pass it through the water to the tube, feeling like a strawberry flavor add-on. Bath the strawberry percolator in the water, not only the taste getting freshen up, but also the looks getting freshen up as well.
At the middle of the tube, it was designed in 3 layers triangle-shaped that could contain more clouds which offers a smoother hit. The heavy base also gives the pipe added stability keeping it from being knocked down by accident.


• The bubbler has 12 Inches tall
• The bubbler has 4 Inch Base
• Percolator attached for the smoothest of hits
• Bowl Color may vary
• Colors may vary from photo
• Made from borosilicate glass
• strawberry shaped percolator