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10.5" Vodka Rose Water Bubbler With 14mm Male Bowl - 1 Count

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Are you looking for an herb bong for the true connoisseur, but don’t want to pay the connoisseur price? Then the Rose Quartz waterpipe by Vodka Glass is the perfect choice for you! The Rose Quartz, which is another addition to Vodka Glass’ extravagant Diamond Series, features a slim straight tube on the bottom, with a pinched diamond chamber on top, just below the diamond cut mouthpiece. The slitted drum percolator will deliver the smooth delicious tasting hits you have been waiting for.
This striking bong is just 10.5 inches tall, so it's easy to carry and easy to store. The extra thick diamond cut stable foot at the base helps to prevent tragic accidents. The smoke is filtered and cooled as it travels through the slits of the drum percolator and into the upper chamber. The sturdy diamond cut glass bowl that is included with your purchase will hold your favorite dry herbs with class.


• High quality borosilicate glass
• Straight tube bottom chamber
• Pinched diamond top chamber
• Fixed downstem with 18.8mm female joint
• 18.8mm diamond cut male herb bowl
• Slitted drum percolator
• No carb holes
• Extra thick diamond cut round foot
• Vodka Glass decal on neck and downstem