A couple years ago I remember trying CBD for the first time. Nola and I were both skeptical. We said "what the heck let's give it a try!" We vaped CBD and went about our day. Shortly after, while helping a customer at our vape shop, I realized I was smiling ear to ear and I couldn't stop! Once the customer happily purchased and left the store I told Nola I was in a great mood and didn’t know why. Then Nola reminded me "Tim you vaped that CBD, maybe that's why you're happy because I'm feeling great too!" And so it began.

After more experimentation we realized that CBD really helped us elevate our mood and increase our productivity through better sleep. We created I Adore CBD to help us convey our feeling to others. I Adore represents to us that vacation state of mind, happiness for no apparent reason, a positive outlook on the gloomiest day.

For our betterment we’ve built CBD into our daily lives. We use different products for different reasons. For example I like to use CBD on nights when I think I may have trouble sleeping and Nola loves CBD pain cream for painful shin splints. We both love Delta 8 THC for times when we can let loose a little and have a good laugh! See our product descriptions where we’ll tell you how we think each of our products might work best for you. Click below to see our top picks and find what can help you achieve the vacation state of mind! And remember, don't worry, be happy!

- Tim and Nola